Indoor Rowing

Indoor Rowing


Indoor Rowing training is safe, engages close to every muscle of your body and will get the personal results you acquire. Build muscle, shed that weight right off, or trying to beat your own time, this module will get you there! Based on your own initial 2k Test, the workouts are customized to fit your ability and monitored by our coach while keeping close contact through our Results Database and Client Commenting resources.


What you get on a per-week basis:

  • Warm-up - General to specific   
  • 4 Rowing Workouts
  • 2 Strength Workouts
  • 1 Running Session
  • 3 Full body Stability Sessions

The training is based on the 2 km time except for the scaled divisions which are based on the "get it done" philosophy.

No matter the training or nutrition program you choose, our team is here to support your needs. It all starts with a 15-minute chat in your preferred mean of communication.

Duration: 1 month
Price: 39.00€